Los Olivos Unwind

Our signature Swedish Massage that gently soothes your muscles and improves circulation. A perfect way to enhance your visit to wine country.

50 minutes ~ $145 | 80 minutes ~ $195

Hot Stone Therapy

This unique treatment involves the placement and movement of heated Basalt stones. The contrast of temperature assists to induce deep relaxation and enhance well-being while reducing inflammation and restoring balance to the body.

80 minutes ~ $200

Mommy-To-Be Massage

For mommies in their second and third trimesters, this massage focuses on relieving the stresses, aches and pains of pregnancy. Our therapists will aid in relaxing and nurturing you and your baby.

50 minutes ~ $165 | 80 minutes ~ $195

Deep Tissue Massage

This highly theraputic body massage utilizes deeper and more direct pressure to relieve muscle soreness and release chronic tension.

50 minutes ~ $165 | 80 minutes ~ $195

Sport Therapy Massage

A full body massage using sports therapy techniques with medium pressure and light stretching.

50 minutes ~ $165 | 80 minutes ~ $195


Focusing on feet and hands, this ancient art uses strategic pressure to heal the body and increase energy flow.

50 minutes ~ $165 | 80 minutes ~ $195

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